Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Purple Dress

Pattern: Simplicity 2668
Fabric: Heydayshop
This shirt started as something to go under a purple corduroy jumper that isn't finished yet. Both are from the Simplicity pattern. I made the shirt from the coat pattern, but with no collar, longer sleeves and the buttons up the back.
I love, love, love this fabric. I love the green piping. I love the vintage button. I don't love that I had to do the top two button holes by hand. BY HAND! In general I love my sewing machine, and though I don't do many button holes, I've never had a problem. The #*@% buttonholer would not go over the piping. It kept getting stuck on the lower button hole and it didn't like the irregular thickness on the upper button hole. I wasted three nap times trying to work it out. So frustrating.

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