Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Dress

Does your mother in law let your kids watch too much TV? Give them candy for snack and buy them toys that make obnoxious electronic noises? Mine does this. So much more than crafty, this is a work of art.
Seriously. She did this by hand. It is real, tried and true, smocking. Not the jiffy iron activated stuff.
The blue and white check is vintage, as are the delightful little buttons. Of course, there are little matching bloomers. This extraordinary craft barely flexes her creative muscles. I wish she had a website I could refer you to, where you could drool over her most recent curtain project, or an Etsy shop where you could buy your own piece of little girl perfection, but you will have to settle for pictures I took on an cloudy day.
I'm not sure if we should wear it or frame it.


  1. My gran used to make stuff like this before she got arthritis. She rcently sent me a little dress and said I should sell it for some money. NO WAY! If I have nothing but sons it'll hang on my sewing room wall. Those sort of dresses are an art!

  2. Art or heirloom, I would never sell something is lovingly made.