Monday, April 30, 2012

T-Shirt Wrap Bracelets

When I was in elementary school, during the last fleeting seconds on the 1980's, the coolest girl on our school bus (clearly not me), started wearing bracelets made from cut up t-shirt, stretched, and wrapped around her arm a bunch of times. Trailblazer that I am, I copied her. Turst me, it looked very cool with a popped collar and tapered jeans. When I was making the kids t-shirts, trying to unroll the edges long enough to sew them, I thought of these bracelets. Thirty second later, I had 3 for the kids to play with.
You will need:
A 1" wide band of t-shirt, about 12" long. The band should stretch in the long direction.
A few scraps of wool felt, or vinyl, or other material that won't fray, cut into gem-like shapes.
A needle, or a sewing machine.
 Sew the short ends of the t-shirt band together. Trim the end to about 1/8" beyond the stitching. Or, if you're using a piece of an actual t-shirt, just leave the side seams intact.
Unroll the t-shirt band, and pin one of the wool felt shapes to it. Sew just enough to attach the shape. Keep the stitching well shot of the edges of the band, so it can roll back up. Repeat this step, attaching the shapes evenly around the band. When all shapes are attached, give the band a little tug, so it will curl.
Wear wrapped as a bracelet, or unwrapped as a necklace. I had intended to show more pictures of the kids wearing these, but honestly, their hands and faces are rarely clean enough for close up photography. Now, to go make another, 3 bracelets are not easily divisible by 2 children.