Monday, July 16, 2012

Big Girl Pillow

There's nothing like a big ol' pile of what you should be doing, to make you do what you've been procrastinating. I've been putting off a bobbled pillow for L's new big girl bed. A few less desirable things on the to-do list, made the pillow seem like an easy project.

Its probably better not to see how the sausage is made. I get the geometry of such things, am fairly happy with the end result (hidden zipper), but wouldn't presume to win a blue ribbon for impeccable craft at the 4-H round-up. I'm satisfied that I can cross it off the to-do list.

I bought the fabric, and a few other really cute prints, at Ikea (seriously!) a few months ago. The ball fringe is from my mother-in-law's archive of mid-20th century sewing scraps. Really, it could be 50+ years old. When a little bitty seamstress passes in her small town, she seems to be the one who inherits their stash. Lucky her...lucky me - I benefit from the stash, without being responsible for the storage.

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