Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Last Minute Gifts : Lola the Owl Gift Card Holders

Once I got started with my Lola the Owl pattern, oh Gussie, the ideas started flowing, and a purse just didn't seem like enough. How about Christmas tree ornaments? I hate to call this a last minute gift, because let's face it, I've only just started to think about Christmas gift giving. I still have unrealistic plans to make one (for now top secret) homemade toy per child, and a perfectly vintage inspired holiday dress for L, not to mention knit Etsy orders into the wee hours of the morning. All the more reason to whip up a few Lola ornaments now with the tiny bits of fabric I already had on hand.
We give an embarrassing amount of gift cards over the Holidays. Can a homemade gift card holder make a gift card less of a cop out? Let's hope so, because I shrunk down the back pocket to be just the right size for one. 
I'm also pairing the Lola ornaments with stuffed hearts in a bright red cookie tin as a Christmas themed gift for a December bridal shower. The possibilities are ENDLESS!
Print out Lola the Owl Pattern at 40% and construct as directed.
Add 1/4" to the length and width of the back pocket.
Use 3/8" Buttons for the center of the eyes.
Add a little loop of ric-rac so you can attached it to a Christmas tree or gift.

The perfect little addition to a perfectly wrapped gift, or a present on its own.

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