Monday, March 24, 2014

The Oliver + S Art Museum Vest...

The Oliver + S Art Museum Vest at the Art Museum!

Fabric: Linen (might be a blend) from Joann. Nice and crisp to work with. Just perfect for this pattern. The lining is a light weight, navy blue, cotton with a relatively smooth finish, also from Joann.

The Fit: I made 2 muslins for this vest. Based on chest size, J (who is 6) was a 3T. I made a 4 first, to hedge my bets. It fit, but not well over the 6/7 button down shirt. I ended up making a 6, which fits like a dream. 

Alterations: I didn't really make any alterations. I did make the back of the vest, which the pattern specifies in the lining fabric, in the same fabric as the front. I thought it would make it seem more like a finished piece, rather than something to be worn under a jacket. 
Pattern: To be clear, I only made the vest portion of the pattern, though I will eventually get to the pants. I can not gush, and rave, and swoon like a mad woman, enough about this pattern. I bought the digital version, and it is very easy to put together. Everything is laid out on a grid, so even if your printer margins cut off a little bit, it is still very easy to put the pieces together with certainty. The vest sewed up like a dream. The welt pockets came together like magic (they are real, you can actually keep tiny treasures in them!). The finished product is fantastic. The Oliver + S instructions are the very best I've seen.  They take nothing for granted, and clearly explain each step of the process. I am easily frustrated. I have a tendency to curse, and shake my fists at the sky while sewing. I had a frustration level of ZERO for the entire process. 
The Tie: This is the Purl Bee Little Boy's Tie, also a great pattern. It is a real deal, started flat, tied-in-a-half-windsor tie, just like Daddy's. It came together in less than an hour, and fits perfectly, with room to grow. The only glitch is that the pattern print out pieces don't have a grid, and my printer cut them off short, so I was sort of guessing at how to put them together. For a tie's simple geometry, precision isn't a huge deal, and for the price (Free!), I will not complain. I used a Liberty London Tana Lawn, and it was just the right material for the job. 

I would recommend both of these patterns without hesitation. My only regret is that Oliver + S doesn't have a boy's blazer pattern (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). They can call it The Academy, so I know where to take the pictures!

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  1. I love this pattern too! Yours looks great in that linen.

    1. Thanks Masha. The linen is great, if a little wrinkly.

  2. Its fabulous!
    I totally agree about the blazer nudge nudge Liesl....

  3. She's said they're not doing a blazer a few times now, so I'm giving up on that. I do agree it would be a perfect name a location for a photo shoot.