Thursday, April 3, 2014

Planning: Kid's Clothes Week

Normally, I stumble into kids clothes week with whatever I have on hand, and make one little thing at the last minute. I am still riding the wave of, more or less, continuous sewing since last KCW, so I am on top of this one. Here's a preview of what I plan to make.

Image by Oliver + S
Another Oliver + S Playtime Tunic (last time dress). This pattern has three big things going for it: it's fast, it's versatile, I already own it. The last one, in a sacred vintage print, was to gaze upon. This one, in navy and white pin stripe cotton from Joann, is for the playground.

Image by Oliver + S
Also for the playground are the Playtime Leggings, in this vintage knit floral. I have enough of this vintage floral from my MIL's enormous stash to make a dozen pairs of leggings, so bring on the knee holes.

Striped Ruffle Dress:
Image by Fine Little Day
At just about the time I was agonizing over L's Easter dress, I came across this little piece of perfection from Fine Little Day. When I was 6, I would have put this dress on on June 1st, and worn it until my mother wrestled it away from me to go back to school. In fact, I sewed myself a dress just like this, in two sizes of country blue floral print, when I was 10. What do we sew for, if not to perpetuate the fashion sins of the 90's on the children of today? The only way the above dress could be better, is if the stripes were rainbow. 
Luckily, Grandmom's stash does it again, with this light weight vintage cotton. So excited! I hope I don't mess it up. 

Kid's Clothes Week starts Monday, what are you sewing?

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