Friday, January 6, 2012

A Sweater For Dolly

As those with December birthday's know, the event tends to get swallowed by Christmas activity. L turned 2 in mid-December and I was lucky enough to get two handmade presents finished in the midst of holidays chaos. The first gift was a sweater for dolly. Made with the SCBC technique. I had intended to put a collar on it, but changed my mind after it was finished. The single, large, vintage (of course) button is really easy for L to fasten. Although, she still prefers undressing dolls to dressing them. 
To be clear, I didn't make this doll, but I do love it. Christmas brought two more dolls to our house, so I have no reason to buy another. If it did, it would be this one. I almost can't look at the listing again, without buying one. 

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