Monday, February 4, 2013

Printable Valentine Treat Bag Labels

You may have heard me at the playground railing against the overload of sugary snacks that come home in my kid's backpack after any school holiday party. Eighteen candy canes. A bushel of candy corn. I sent nothing to school on those occasions (except for the specific requests of room mom and teacher, which I can promise you were healthy), and you can be sure I never will. As J was inventorying his 14th Christmas candy cane, it occurred to me that maybe another kid somewhere in the vicinity was taking particular note of the lack of candy cane from my kid. So, for the sake of the kindergarten status quo, I am going to try to put my scrooginess aside, and come up with some sort of treat for my favorite school holiday, Valentines Day. There is nothing I love more than a paper reflection of my love.  Finding a homemade way around the box of trademarked cartoon characters with a caned message from the mega mart, brings me more joy than a truck load of candy ever could.

This year's class is enormous, too big for all the cutting required of last year's recycled finger painting masterpieces. The solutions: Printable Cracker Valentine Treat Bag Labels. LOVE is spelled out on the front is Scrabble Jr. Cheez-its and the card is made to fold over a snack sized zip-lock bag filled with the actual cracker. J wrote his name once and I photoshopped it to the back of the card. Cut, fold, staple, done! Not a particularly healthy snack, but a shade or two better than the boxes of candy hearts I am bracing myself for.
You can download a copy of the Cracker Valentine Treat Lables to print on your own. I printed mine in color on white card stock at a copy center. Feel free to share the PDF with friends by giving them the link directly to this post.

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