Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainbow Wrap

At the moment I am pretty hot for shawl-style wraps. I want to feel a little bit like Elizabeth Bennet, intent on embroidering a screen or playing a concerto, but I don't actually want to look like her. I prefer a no frills wrap, condensed down to a few simple elements.

And, maybe you've noticed, I love color. But I don't always love it on me. I am most often wearing jeans and a gray t-shirt. Behold the genius of the Rainbow Wrap. It is color, for those with commitment issues. The body of the scarf is a lovely neutral, medium weight wool and the edges are pixie bonnet scraps, which we are drowning in around here.

This wrap is in the shop, but I WILL be making another one for myself. This scarf makes me happy.