Thursday, March 6, 2014

5 More: Cropped Jacket Sewing Patterns

My Salme Cropped Blazer is coming together nicely, but it occurred to me (after I was already elbow deep in this sewing project) that I should see what else is out there in the cropped jacket category. Here are 5 more:
Image from Paper Cut Patterns
Rigel Bomber - Paper Cut Patterns
Bomber jackets are everywhere (even in the Target girl's section). I like the idea of making my own, but it also gives me terrible flashbacks of the one I wore when I was 16 and went to see Kiss of the Spider Woman on Broadway. Oh yeah, I was hot stuff!

Image from Lisel & Co.
Woodland Stroll Cape - Lisel & Co. Patterns
Okay, not exactly a cropped jacket, but achieves a similar look. Based on the open structure, I imagine this one comes together quickly.
Image from Vogue
V7975 - Vogue
Very similar to the jacket I tried on 1000 times at Banana before I gave up and decided to make one. If you can look past the truly terrible styling of the cover art, this has potential.
Image from By Hand London
Victoria Blazer - By Hand London
I'm intrigued by the length options with this pattern. The shorter option is perfectly boxy, but the long version is nice, too.
Image from Burda
Desert Moto Jacket - Burda
Burda has several good cropped jacket options. This is the sleekest, love that shoulder shaping.

The second I can pull myself together enough to take photos, I'll share my finished Salme Cropped Blazer.

What's up with 5 More
I suspect that if I'm up into the wee hours of the night searching for a certain style of sewing pattern, others are probably shopping for it, too. With the 5 More series I try to sift through the mountains of patterns in search of 5 safe bets, for good results. 

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