Monday, March 3, 2014

Planning: Salme Cropped Blazer

I've got bold plans for a certain early spring wedding. So early, that I felt it necessary to buy wool. While I hope the weather is nice for the lovely bride's sake, I hope its not so nice that I regret my fabric choice. I've got a tried and true (i.e. boring) black strapless dress. The dress to end all dress shopping. The dress that can be worn to 10 successive weddings with different accessories or shoes and no one will notice the repetition. I've worn the dress once. I'm already tired of it. I'm hoping a perfectly proportioned Salme Cropped Blazer will add a little life to my tired old dress.
Image via Salme Patterns
Normally, I would charge into a project like this and whip out an ill-fitting piece in the wee hours of the morning. Not this time, I am going to be uncharacteristically careful. I am going to measure twice, cut once, and rip anything that isn't perfect. I've already made two muslins, exactly two more muslins than I have ever made before. So far, so good. Stay tuned...

See the finished Salme Cropped Blazer HERE!

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