Monday, May 19, 2014

Grainline Studio Hemlock Tee

Sometimes you just need some quick results. An easy sew with zero tinkering. I made this single size Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studio without even checking my measurements. How different could it be? How different would it have to be for this easy wearing slouchy t-shirt to go wrong? Who knows, cause it went nothing but right.

I really stretched the old sewing budget. The Hemlock is free. FREE! The fabric cost me a whopping $6. I went to JoMar for the first time last week. Once on Wednesday, then again on Thursday to buy the knit for this shirt. Let's face it, that place takes a little time to process. 

Fabric: Medium weight knit from JoMar. No idea of the content.

Pattern: The Hemlock Tee only comes in one size, and the instructions are a blog post tutorial. Its pretty straight forward, but with little hand holding. If you've ever made a t-shirt, you can easily figure it out.

Fit: The fit is a little looser than I would normally go for, but in this casual fabric, I like the equally casual fit. 

Alterations: I made this exactly as directed, except that I made a 2" hem at each sleeve to make them a solid three quarter length. Next time I might make the back longer than the front, or take some of the ease out of the arms. 
I never look happy in these photos, but trust me friend, I am happy with this shirt. Its easy sewing, easy wearing, and easy on the wallet. Just what I needed. I will pretend to be far too stylish to wear it with some ballet crocs and leggings. Don't be fooled, the first time this shirt sees the street, it will probably be in it's full mom-at-the-bus-stop glory. 

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