Monday, May 12, 2014


Every birthday since J turned 3, I've made him a t-shirt with his new age on it. We've had simple number shirts, a space shuttle shirt, a big dipper shirt, and a mars rover shirt. All of those were made with printable iron-ons paper. Printable iron-on paper requires an ink jet printer. I've never actually owned an ink jet printer, most copy centers won't print on it, so I am always hitting up friends to use their printers. This requires advanced planning, which is not really my thing.
This year, we really mixed things up (crazy!) with a DIY freezer paper stencil shirt. I might be the last girl on the internet to try out freezer paper stenciling. I'll spare you the tutorial, there must be hundreds out there. I used Dana's, because it very clear, and specific. It worked like a charm. The t-shirt is purchased, the paint is from the craft store, and I used the Ariel Rounded font for both the words and the numbers.
When I opened my "birthday" folder on the computer, I saw J3, J4, J5, J6, J7...Yikes. No L to be found (though in my defense she often gets a birthday dress). This stencil is so easy, I made her one too.

Linking up with more font inspired projects at Baste & Gather.


  1. Those both look great! I have never tried freezer paper either :(. Looks like fun though. Happy birthday to J!

    1. Thanks. I didn't try it sooner because of all the cutting. But it wasn't as tedious as I thought. Totally worth the effort.