Friday, June 6, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week

[que trumpets] Its that time of year again, Kid's Clothes Week Summer addition is about to begin. Maybe you've noticed the fetching little icon over on my sidebar, and have deduced yourself - I AM A CONTRIBUTOR! I'm very excited to gush about kid's clothes with the KCW community, and learn a thing or two from what others make. 

This season the theme is Kid Art. My fellow contributors are interpreting that in many different ways, and we'll share our ideas in a few weeks. So, think it over, and come up with your own interpretation. There are no wrong answers. You don't have to sew on theme. If you already have a stack of fabric, assigned to each of your kid's summer needs, waiting for the starting gun to sound, go for it.

To keep up with all the Kid's Clothes Week chatter please follow KCW on Facebook, there is a whole week of giveaways you won't want to miss. You can also follow me (SweetKM) on Facebook to get a sneak peak at what I will be sewing. 
Projects from KCW past. Clearly, I like a raglan tee!
Of course, don't forget to check out my lovely co-contributors.

Julie of Our Chez Nous
Sophie of C'est la vie

Once again, RUN don't walk, over to the KCW community page, and get yourself signed up for the festivities.


  1. Hooray! Girl, good for you. So happy to see you up there and can't wait to read your posts. Woot!

    1. Thanks Brienne. I really appreciate your encouragement!