Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KCW Inspiration : Kid Art

Today I'm over at the Kid's Clothes Week blog brainstorming ideas for kid's clothes based on kid's art. When you're finished here, do stop by and check it out.

My kids, and I would imagine most kids, generate enormous quantities of art. I have a thick stack of artwork too precious to part with, and another thick stack of art work destined for other projects. We make greeting cards out of it, wrap presents in it, cut it up and make new art with it. As I'm brainstorming my (kid art themed) Kid's Clothes Week must-sew list, I thought it might be helpful to get some of that thick stack of artwork up on the virtual wall. I thought maybe seeing it pinned next to possible sewing patterns and fabrics might trigger a few sewing ideas.

L is dedicated to works on paper, many of her recent pieces are below. J is more into installations, which don't photograph nearly as consistently, but you can see a few of them here.
My guys have been into layering lately. Blobby watercolor, or marker with something finer on top. (Hmmm...layering)
L painted this series of moody blues, and blacks while recovering from a 25 minute freak out (oh the metaphor), initiated by my allowing one of J's friends to ride her scooter home from the park (mean mommy!), while she was seated quite comfortably in the stroller. (Hmmm...color palette)
This is a yellow nest with blue eggs.
This is a rainbow nest with rainbow eggs. (Hmmm...variation on a theme. Okay, not sure where I'm going with that.)
And this, well I'm not sure quite what to do with this (and this), but there must be a jumping off point for a mama sewn outfit in there somewhere.


Wondering where all this is headed? Stop in at the Kid's Clothes Week blog to see where this brainstorm leads, or check out my KCW inspiration board on Pinterest

Do you have a KCW planning blog post, Pinterst board, or scribble on a napkin? Link to it in the comments, I would love to check it out.

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