Monday, June 23, 2014

Another Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank

As you can see, the self drafted mini skirt has been released from the wall, now that I have something home sewn to wear it with. This is my second Tiny Pocket Tank.

I found a new to me fabric source and I feel like the world of prints has really opened up as a result. I got this abstract tribal print (if there is such a thing) from Indian Beautiful Art on Etsy. The name sounds like something from your spam folder, but the fabric selection is kind of awesome.  I hate the long wait times for foreign shipping (what's the point of the internet if you can't have it RIGHT now?), but this piece only took 17 days from the time I hit "submit" to arrive in my mailbox. It came in a soft envelope so if you have a tiny urban mailbox like me, the mailman can really jam in it there. Cause nobody likes the obnoxious wait at the South Philly post office to pick up a package. This fabric actually came with 3 conspicuous flaws, distributed across the fabric in such a way that totally killed my new fabric buzz. Luckily, the person behind Indian Beautiful took care of it quickly so I can rave about them without any reservations. I ordered a second piece of fabric at the same time, and its in perfect condition. My Etsy cart is already overflowing with more abstract prints from Indian Beautiful, I'm going to give them a second try.
PATTERN: Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. See my last Tiny Pocket Tank for more info on the pattern.

FABRIC: Abstract print from Indian Beautiful Art on light weight cotton. Perfect for a woven tank, soft and relatively sturdy. I used a scrap of brown chambray for the sleeve binding.

FIT: I made a few extra modifications from my first version. I cut the shoulders as a 4, the bust as a 6, and the hips as an 8 (pear shaped much?!). I curved from the size 8 side seam to the size 16 length in the back.  I really feel like I'm getting my money's worth when I use ALL the sizes. I'm happier with the fit across the chest, but next time I'll raise the neck opening an inch in the front so I don't feel the need to wear a tank under it. I meant to do that this time, but with all the other stuff going on, it slipped my mind.

I have one more Tiny Pocket Tank on the docket before I seal up its zip-lock pattern baggie for the summer. It also requires a (much longer) skirt to go with, so you probably won't see it any time soon.


  1. Such a nice tank! I like your alterations, especially the longer back. Thank you for the fabric resource, they have a LOT of fabric to choose from! But I already found some interesting ones I am tempted to order... Wonder how long India-Germany would take?! Looking forward to seeing your next make with their fabric!

    1. Thanks Ute! I'm ordering more prints today, feeding my fabric addiction!

  2. That fabric is beautiful - thanks for the shopping tip!

  3. Beautiful and bright! Looks gorgeous.

  4. Can I ask what shoes you're wearing? I know its 2 year later but hopefully I'll get lucky? :)