Friday, August 1, 2014

Kid's Clothes Week Sewing Recap

Another Kid's Clothes Week has come and gone, and I think I might be suffering from withdrawal. I have a new found Instagram addiction ( @kristi_sweetkm ), that I just can't shake, and a strange amount of free time after the kids go to bed. I met most of my sewing goals for the week. I untangled the Theo pattern, written only in Dutch. I also made one self drafted piece, its not perfect, but I like the challenge. I flaked on a t-shirt for each kid. I still might make them, but the kid art theme won't be quite the same.

Now I'm left wondering what to sew next? Alder sew along? The maxi for me I've had planned since...oh, I don't know...April? Something in chambray? I'm open to suggestions.

If you're feeling empty without the KCW blog features to look forward to each day, don't despair, the contributors will be back next week with some really exciting sewist interviews.


  1. I loved reading your posts on the KCW blog, Kristi. Always something unexpected. Bravo!!!

  2. I am also admired of these kid's clothing and this is exactly for winter days