Friday, September 5, 2014

5 More : Kid's Skinny Pants Sewing Patterns

This isn't exactly a 5 More because I haven't actually made any skinny pants yet. BUT skinny pants are perched right at the top of my must-sew list for fall. I've scoped out five of the most likely pattern candidates (and a few extras HERE), now I just have to make a decision. Feel free to chime in!
image from Figgy's
1. Banyan Trousers by Figgy's
I really love the cut of these pants, and that they can be made as shorts, no tinkering necessary. The pleats are retro, but the super skinny taper to the ankle feels very modern. I like the real (vs. faux) fly, and the extra room in the hips makes them look a whole lot more comfy than other skinnies. Most skinnies call for stretch woven material, which is not that easy to come by. These can be made with a straight up woven fabric. A definite plus. I am in love with Laura's green ones at Behind the Hedgerow!
image from Willow & Co.
2. Kudzu Cargos for Willow & Co. by Charming Doodle
As a general rule, I will pay more for less styling. The Kudzu is a little busy for my taste, with all its seaming and pockets. Yet with all that stuff on them, they still totally work. In defense of the "stuff", and to show that I can see an alternate point of view, all those extra pieces make for a lot of options for different looks. They can be left off just as easily as they can be put on. The Kudzu pants are everywhere on the interwebs, Huisje Boompje Boefjes made some really cute ones. I just caught a glimpse of Made By Sara's perfectly simplified pink ones this morning. Love! They seem like a solid choice for us, stripped down a bit, of course.
image from Go-To Patterns
3. Skinny Jeans by Peekaboo Pattern Shop on Go To Patterns
Very basic, very cute. Very my sort of thing. With 5 pockets, a real zip fly, and elastic back what more could a sewing mom want? The Sewn Henge (best blog name ever!) version is also very convincing.
image from Mamasha
4. Cisse Trousers by Zonen 09
It probably isn't fair to put the Cisse Trousers in the running for fall skinnies. The pattern hasn't been released yet, and I'm not certain it will be released in English. Yet, I'm such a sucker for the Zonen 09 clever details that I'm gonna do it anyway. Somehow all the Zonen 09 piping and pockets totally work for me on these pants. I can't wait to see (and sew, even if it's only in Dutch) this pattern.
image from Titchy Threads
5. Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads
The classic blue jean styling of the Small Fry is really luring me in. The top stitching, the true fly, and the pocket design would all lead one to believe this pattern is a pretty good buy.  The version Melissa at A Happy Stitch made, are pretty much exactly what I'm planning for J. And the Mingo & Grace florals are along the lines of what I'm thinking for L.

Do you have a favorite skinny pant pattern? Do tell. Are you harboring a preference for one of the patterns listed here, or have I missed the mark entirely with my selections? Please share. Which one of these lovelies should be the first fall skinny pant to come out of the SweetKM sewing room for fall?

What's up with 5 More? 
I suspect that if I'm up into the wee hours of the night searching for a certain style of sewing pattern, others are probably shopping for it, too. With the 5 More series I try to sift through the mountains of patterns in search of 5 safe bets, for good results. 


  1. Of these I've only made the Banyan pants. Love the styling, love the fit but beware the zipper instructions if your new to real zip flies as I was.
    I'm in love with my own skinny pants pattern which is a narrowed Oliver + S Field Trip on the front and the Oliver +S After School on the back.
    The others all look great. Intrigued by the Zonens, maybe I'm just drawn to the shiny silver.....

    1. Lightning, a pattern hack is a great solution, and the O+S instructions are consistently great.

  2. So sweet of you to mention Cisse. Thank you!
    All of are patterns will be released in English in the future. It just is a very slow process but posts like this motivate me even more to dive right into those translations!

    1. Yay! So happy to hear it. That ankle piping is calling my name!

  3. Great list! I've made three versions of these... The hardest part is finding good fabric for doing it that is comfy for the kiddos. The ones that have been worn in our house the most are the ones made from knit fabric - even though that's not what the patterns call for... Have fun!

    1. I know what you mean Brienne. I just made the Small Fry Skinny Jeans for my son. I LOVE the authentic jean detailing, but man, oh man, are those things skinny. I used a stretch denim, but next time I'd go a size up, just so my kid is more comfy.