Monday, May 18, 2015

Broken Stripe Box Top

I made this top over a month ago, but couldn't be bothered to brush my hair and stand in front of a camera for such a simple shirt. While sorting through Me-Made-May photos (you can see mine on instagram) I realized I had enough shots from the last time I wore it for a modest blog post (as if anything this selfie ridden could be considered modest).

This is the Lou Box Top from Sew DIY (made perviously HERE). I love this pattern because it's easy wearing and infinitely versatile. For this version I lengthened the whole thing by 1", and made the neckline 1/4" bigger (or was it 1/2") all the way round.
The fabric is a some what scratchy linen from Joann. I wasn't really sure this fabric was my thing, but it was blue, and a natural fiber, so I bought it anyway. I only bought a yard, because I wasn't really sure it was my thing. Normally, a yard is enough for a Box Top, and a flag to wave beside. While at the cutting table I failed to consider that the stripes should match at the shoulder seam, and it is an awfully large repeat. I didn't have enough fabric. My solution was to make the bottom part of the back as long as possible, then make up the rest with a perpendicular stripe across the shoulder. To celebrate my mistake (and hopefully make it seem intentional) I let the back opening be as long as the upper panel.
The whole thing is french seamed. If you're not familiar with this finish, a simply constructed top is the perfect place to learn. You can get some tips for french seaming the Lou Box Top on the Sew DIY Blog.

As with all Box Tops I wear this a ton. So much that I didn't feel the need to share it the first time I wore it in May, knowing I would wear it again (and again, and again), probably with the exact same favorite skinny jeans. Coincidently, the bottom of the back opening is as long as it can possibly be without showing my bra strap, which leads me to my 4th variation on the Lou Box Top...

Pertinent Info:
Pattern: Lou Box Top from SewDIY
Fabric: Linen Stripe (not on website) from Joann Fabrics


  1. Nice save on the fabric placement. Funny how much more 'boxy' it looks on the hanger!

    1. It really is (boxy on the hanger)! Based on the pattern line drawing I didn't think I would like this style as much as I do. It looks totally different on the body, and works great with drapeier fabrics.

  2. oh i love this! so i was in a Madewell store this weekend (date night!) and saw a whole bunch of tops that looked a lot like this! so easy and perfectly summery. really nice solution for the stripes problem too, it looks great.

    1. Thanks! Gotta go check out Madewell's site...

  3. Lovely. And if that's you unbrushed and unposed then I give up!
    the change in stripe direction couldn't be better. Well done.