Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kollabora Meet the Maker

This week I am the featured maker on the Kollabora Nora Meets the Maker series. Kollabora loves to see maker spaces, and images of people actually making things. I do most of my making alone, late at night, in very low light, so i thought I'd try to casually stage a few photos during the day. No tripod! No problem, I have a very capable 8 year old. J took a few photos of me with my DSLR (and L took a few photos of him with my phone). 
That worked out about as expected. J is pretty good with the camera, but after about 30 seconds of holding it up to his face, it got too heavy and he started waving around like a freshman with a fake ID on a Friday night. So, no photos of me making, but I hope you'll stop by Kollabora just the same and read a little bit about my process and inspiration.



  1. That's fabulous! Congratulations.
    I'm also an alone-after-dark sewer. You've reminded me I must recover our danish teak chairs, they have hideous eighties wide stripe ticking covers. Yours looks lovely.

    1. Thanks Shelley! This chair is relatively new (to me). I have grand plans to recover the cushions...as soon as they start putting more hours in the day. :)