Monday, December 2, 2013

Gingercake's Lola the Owl Bag

I have been smitten with the Lola the Owl Pattern since I first saw it on the Gingercake blog. Virginia offered to share a copy of it with me as part of her Holiday Gifts Sewing Series. What little girl wouldn't want to snuggle up with a Lola pillow at bedtime, or tuck a few treasures into this sweet little Lola purse? My daughter can't leave the house without a book, a snack, and a toy, so I was thinking the purse would be just the right size to keep her stuff together, and in her care (rather than mine).

My goal was to make this project without any pesky trips to the fabric store. Infact, I finished the whole thing, in my pajamas, in less than 2 hours. I usually just start to get going when I realize all the stuff I forgot about, but this project is the perfect way to use up fabric leftovers. The body is denim from Joann (left over from this project), vintage quilting fabric from my Mom's attic and a few wool felt scraps.
Such a matchy, matchy look. L normally won't wear this sweet little coat (she thinks its too boyish!), I bribed her with lollipops for the pictures. I couldn't resist topping the look off with a bright red pixie bonnet.

You're going to love the Lola the Owl Pattern, I thought of 3 other things to do with it just while cutting out the pattern pieces (will share one of them later). Virginia's blog is packed with homemade gift ideas, and even more great patterns, be sure to check it out.


  1. So so wonderful. I left the house this morning and forgot to post my links! Here they come. Thanks so much Kristi! She is adorable and I LOVE that Jacket.

  2. I love your owl purse - the fabrics are great!