Friday, May 2, 2014

5 More: Girl's Shorts Sewing Patterns

Spring has barely established its hold over our Philly weather, but my kids are already wearing shorts. Rather than hit the mega mart for a 6 pack of cheap-o duds, I'm hoping to make each kid a few pairs before the real summer weather arrives. L already has a sweet pair of Clover Shorts from Willow & Co., but I'd like to add some variety to the summer wardrobe, here are 5 more:
Bubble Shorts, image by Doguincho
Bubble Shorts by Doguincho
These are my very favorite bubble shorts. I love the way Marta styles them for warm or cooler weather, so you can squeeze a little more wear out of a summer staple. L prefers to wear dresses and skirts, but I think she will approve of the fluff of this pattern.

Kid Shorts, image by Made
KID Shorts by Made
This looks like a great basic shorts pattern. Dana's blog shares a ton of ways to mix them up for boys or girls. Disguised under all those opportunities for customization, is a really practical design, for boys or girls (yeah, my favorite!). I love the versatility.

Bubble Pocket Shorts, image by Elegance & Elephants
Bubble Pocket Shorts by Elegance & Elephants
These shorts are all over the inter web, surely because of those adorable gathered pockets. The volume of the shorts goes great with a nice flowy tunic top. Very cute with, or without pockets.

Picnic Shorts, image by Oliver + S
Picnic Shorts by Oliver + S
Such a reliable pattern maker, I had to include one of several Oliver + S shorts options. These are a modern play on the classic running shorts. The contrasting edging gives you lots of opportunity to customize.

Hampton Shorts, image by Green Style
Hampton Shorts by Green Style
I found this pattern while trolling Pinterest for ideas. Its the most promising knit pattern I've seen, and I  imagine it would be great for play clothes. Its marketed mainly as a boy's pattern, but is gender neutral enough for any kid.

There's something to think about over the weekend. Shorts for kid's take so little fabric, I might just whip one of these up (Bubble or Kid? So hard to decide) over the weekend!

What's up with 5 More
I suspect that if I'm up into the wee hours of the night searching for a certain style of sewing pattern, others are probably shopping for it, too. With the 5 More series I try to sift through the mountains of patterns in search of 5 safe bets, for good results. 


  1. I am so glad you liked my bubble shorts! Thank you!

    1. I didn't get a chance to make them this summer Marta, but they are still on my list for fall. I love how they look with tights and boots!