Monday, July 13, 2015

Liberty Basics Tank

It's the little things that can make the simplest handmade garment feel special: a special fabric, or a particularly thoughtful finish. When I was planning this tank I had my little heart set on french seams. It seems crazy to spring for Liberty of London fabric, then skimp out on the finishes. I got wrapped up in the excitement of having this pretty fabric wrapped around me, and forgot to check the specified seam allowance. Its a paltry 3/8, possibly enough for others to squeeze out a french seam, but I know my machine and it can do nothing with less than 1/2 an inch. I also already knew the fit was perfection, and didnt want to risk it being too tight if I tried to squeeze anything out of the body. The seams ended up sewn and serged. Sigh. There is so much right about this top, Im trying not to hold a grudge against it. The little bit of pink inside the neckline makes up for most of my disappointment.
FABRIC: Liberty of London Tana Lawn Deborah D from Fancy Tiger Crafts. Reminds me of blueberries. My last Liberty experience left me wanting more (more, MORE!). The Vintage May dress was the first thing I made with Liberty for myself. How is that possible?! Ive used it before for my son (here and here) but now that I have tasted its lusciousness for myself, Im not sure I can go back to regular fabric (except for chambray, of course). I fear I am in the process of cultivating an expensive little habit. I bought ¾ yard, and that is about the minimum for this tank (in any size). As you can see, I didnt use matching bias binding, because I wanted the scraps for later, and Im a sucker for a little secret something on the inside, just for me. The chambray is from the Long Summer Sundress, and the pink is linen from these capris. So many lesser pink fabrics came into my hands before I found the last little scrap of this one. So glad I kept looking. Its just right.

PATTERN: Basics Tank from Cali Faye Collection. I love the cut of my previous Basics Tank but I dont love the color. I wore it a ton in the spring with a cardigan, but the pasty white fabric against my pasty white skin makes me feel half dressed if I wear it alone. Another was in order. This print is so lightweight I might still feel half dressed, but the darker color wont make me look that way. 

ALTERATIONS: Same as before.

Pertinent Info:
Pattern: Basics Tank by Cali Faye Collection
Fabric: Liberty of London Deborah D from Fancy Tiger Crafts


  1. Ah, it's lovely! I'm sure it just feels like a dream to wear. Don't beat yourself up too much about the lack of french seams, haha. I think that's one of those things that'd bug me when I first made it but wouldn't once it made it into regular wardrobe rotation...? ;)

    1. Good point Kristin! I've only worn it once, it's still a little precious. After a few more times I will completely forget about the french seams.

  2. It fits you so well. Beautiful.

  3. Really lovely colour and pattern match. Yes, Liberty is like a drug isn't it? Just a little more..... You know I have a little,of my Nikita left over - not sure I could get a whole tank but maybe a front.... Bring on summer!