Hi, I'm Kristi. I live in Philadelphia, and I like to make things.

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Welcome to SweetKM, I'm Kristi. I live in Philadelphia with my husband, and two kids. I knit and sew. I love them both equally, but sewing is a whole lot faster so you will see more of it here. My goal is to hone my garment making skills while creating a flexible wardrobe that directly reflects my personal style and ideals.

Before having kids I worked as an architect. Even then, I would buy fabric on my lunch break, then stay up way too late sewing it into a skirt to wear to work the next day. When I was sewing those late night skirts, there was no community of online makers to offer moral support when my invisible zipper wouldn't open. I'm happy to have this community of makers to inspire and challenge me, and I would love to hear from you.

Maybe it's the architect in me, but I love to write instructions. SweetKM is a line of clothing and accessory knitting patterns for women and children. My goal is to create basic knitting patterns with clear instructions that are well within the reach of the beginning knitter, but have enough versatility to keep the experienced knitter interested. All of my patterns knit up relatively quickly, and include simple variations so you can add your own personal touch to the finished garment.

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In 2017 I established affiliate relationships with several brands. I sought out these relationships with companies I already know, already trust, and already use, so that I can feel good recommending their products to you. If you make a purchase through a link from my site I get a small portion of the sale. If I think something is crap, I won't recommend it. Promise. 

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