Monday, December 17, 2012

Last Minute Gift : Craft Bags

There is just nothing like making a project out of a project. Like most moms, I make everything during a fleeting window when Kid 1 is at school and Kid 2 is napping. How hard can a drawstring bag be? Easy as pie, right? No reason to plan ahead or even think anything through.

You'll notice the slight variation in detailing between the two. One was made during nap. No time to reference the vast body of interweb wisdom. MUST GET IT DONE! Just reinvent the wheel. The second was done after my walk to pick Kid 1 up at school. The stupidly simple solution washed over me, as soon as the stroller hit the pavement.
I hate to call these craft kits. Kit implies a prescribed end result. While I can wonder down the path of possibility, who am I to tell this kid what to do with her art supplies?

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