Monday, April 22, 2013

Kid's Clothes Week : Goals

Trying to keep the KCW goals on the modest side so I'm more likely to get some of it finished. I've got three things in mind, coincidently, all of them blue.

1. Figgy's Tee Time for Two, Size 5, two tone blue knit. Just like last year, love this pattern.
2. Flashback Tee adapted into a dress, Size 4, lighter blue knit. I was feeling wishy-washy about buying the actual Flashback pattern, it works for a boy or a girl but I would have needed both size groups. Grrrr.... Then I found a set in sleeve toddler t-shirt pattern in my Mom's pattern stash from the 70's. Yea!
3. Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress, Size 4, in the Triangles print.

I have a good start on #1 & #2, I'm a little worried about getting to #3. I am a grand champion procrastinator. I bought this pattern and fabric last year at Home Made on the Jersey Shore. Will there be a dress by the end of the week? Hmmm...

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