Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Secret Valentine Exchange

I am very excited to be participating in the Secret Valentine Exchange organized by Sanae and Ute. I was feeling stuck in a post Christmas knitting rut, and after a few attempts at some truly sad fingerless mittens (but I'll keep trying), I went back to my linen/wool scraps leftover from the Shape Shifter Scarves, and knit until I ran out of each color, with a few dabbles in between.
After I took the photos, I realized L's dress fabric would be a nice little accent, so I whipped up a Sweetheart Ornament to go along with it. When the whole thing was wrapped up and ready to go, I threw in a Conversation Heart Valentine Badge, so my secret Valentine is getting the full SweetKM Valentine treatment. Everything I have ever made with a heart on it, is on its way across the Atlantic (is that too much of a hint?!).

If you're interested in what other's are sending to their Secret Valentine, check out the Flickr pool.


  1. Sure wish I was your Valentine!

    1. Don't fret Mary, I'm planning to write a pattern for this scarf. Its all garter stitch, making it very easy to make, and would work in any yarn weight.