Friday, February 14, 2014

Secret Valentine

As today is Valentine's Day, it is time to reveal, my Secret Valentine. I received a gift from Anu, who blogs as One Crazy Estonian. So exciting to see a package stuffed into the mailbox that is for me, and not from Amazon! I had been keeping my eye on the flickr pool and was thrilled to pull this sweet little heart garland and little stuffed softie out of the bag. It will be a welcome addition to my workroom heart collection, if I can convince L to give it back to me.
I'm double thrilled to get this project bag and a skein of soft fuzzy yarn! I have been meaning to make myself some project bags, this one is already in use, so I can procrastinate a little longer.
The Secret Valentine I gave a gift to was Ann, from Ann McIntyre Originals. Her quilts are beautifully intricate, and beautifully simple all at the same time.

An enormous thank you to Anu for sending me this wonderful handmade treat. And thank you to Ute and Sanae for hosting the exchange, it has greatly expanded the list of bloggers and crafters that I will be following. You can find links to their work through the Flickr pool.

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. May you find a treat stuffed into your mailbox today, too!


  1. It is a beautiful gift, and I loved the scarf you made. I also imagine I could spend a few happy hours perusing your bookshelf!

    1. Thanks Lightning. We have been deep in a renovation/move for the past few months. I just got my book out of storage a few days ago. Very satisfying to have a new cozy spot.