Monday, August 11, 2014

Sky Blue Sunny Day Shorts

Right around the time I photographed J's second pair of Oliver + S Sunny Day Shorts for Kid's Clothes Week, it occurred to me that I should be making them a size bigger. The first pair fit like a glove... for about 2 weeks. This kid can often wear the same school shoes two years in a row. I don't know what he is eating, cause this is his first noticeable growth spurt. So, I've upped it to a size 8 in the hope that he will get some wear out of them next year.

I made these shorts with a medium weight sky blue chambray. It was at the very bottom of a box of fabric, and has been in my stash for ages. When I found it, I was about to give up digging and head to the fabric store. I'm trying to make some room in the fabric closet, so I was happy to take something away rather than add more scraps.

Shorts this simple are all about the details. I used a lot of top stitching to polish up the finish. I also used my  favorite patch pocket detail. Incidentally, this is the lovely geometric print I got at the Handcraft Workshop for my Love Your Lunch Box, then lost before I even started the project. It was under the bed. So there you go. A long winding car ride to Mount Airy for one tiny pocket corner. So worth it!

This is also my last entry in Shorts on the Line. I'm sorry to see it go, but I'm taking the hint to stop sewing shorts and start thinking about fall layers...
Come back tomorrow for my tutorial-ish post about how-to lengthen a basic shorts pattern. Same time, same place.


  1. I love that patch pocket detail! Just a little pop of colour really makes a difference. That chambray is lovely and practical at the same time. Sometimes I think I get too carried away with prints and don't make enough with plain(er) and more wearable fabrics.

    1. Wearable is exactly what I was going for. It took a lot of restraint not to add more dazzle to them, but these are the most versatile shorts I've made all summer. I guess a little boring is good. :)