Friday, October 31, 2014

Field Trip Raglan Kitty Cat

My sweet little children are all over the place at Halloween. They change costume choices daily, most  of their choices are virtually unmakeable (a single pink Smartie!?). We barely trick or treat, I hate costumes that are overly specific or that they can't put on themselves to play with later, and I veto any licensed characters. All of this adds a whole lot of complication to costume planning. This year we set two parameters 1. I can make it with a useful clothing pattern 2. it will be an asset to our existing dress up bin. With that in mind today we are exhibiting L's Tippy Cat Costume.

L wants a kitty of her very own vey badly, but mommy just isn't ready. Until I am, she uses Gramma's cat Tippy as a substitute. He gets the first hug hello and the last kiss (for real) goodbye when we're at the farm. Last year she had a Tippy Cat birthday cake, this year she has a Tippy Cat costume.

The costume is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan. It is sewn in gray fleece from Joann, and some furry stuff that is so crumby and synthetic on the reverse side that I had to line it with a cotton knit.  I made it a size bigger than normal to accommodate the thicker fleece and the minimal stretch. I added a few inches at the hem, and a waistband so I had a good spot to attach the tail. Of course, I added thumbhole cuffs pawsThe hat is just a fleece square with the corners sewn shut to make the ears, and I used the same mask template to make a kitty face.

Stop by on Monday for J's bat costume (here is a sneak peak), and some exciting news for SweetKM.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Great costume, and what an ingeniously simple way to make cat ears.

  2. Thanks Lightning! Simple is exactly what I was going for.

  3. She is such a cute kitty! This seems so comfy and warm for everyday wear too. Gotta love that field trip raglan!

    1. It is truly amazing how versatile this pattern is. So many halloween costumes popping up on instagram. All completely different, all the field trip raglan!