Friday, November 7, 2014

STYLO Restyled : Theo Button-down & Field Trip Raglan

When I first started brainstorming for STYLO I thought I wanted to go a little grunge so I had a good excuse to make a flannel shirt. I was originally thinking Doc Martins and ripped up jeans, but the wind shifted and the flannel is all that is left of that idea. But it is probably the best part anyway. J has already worn it a ton, to church, to play, when he's grumpy and cold. A button-down is a pretty big time investment for a kid, but the cozy fabric makes it worth his time to wear, in turn making it worth my time to sew. 
Button Down Pattern: Theo by Zonen 09
Button Down Fabric:  Plaid Cotton Flannel from Joann Fabric

This is my second Theo, this time with the full long sleeves. The pattern calls for a simplified button placket at the cuff, but next time I might try one of the of many tutorials on the interweb to do the more traditional (i.e. time consuming) detail. I used the "standard" version of the pattern (as opposed to slim), and made a size bigger than his measurements to allow plenty of room for the underlayer. I extended and curved the bottom hem to give it a more classic American (nobody does sloppy dressing like Americans) look when its untucked. You'd almost not recognize this super relaxed look as the normally svelte Theo, but the impeccable fit is still very apparent when its buttoned up.
J perfers his flannel untucked. Gotta get this guy a grunge band t-shirt to wear under it.

The underlayer is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan that I love so much, and have sewn the crap out of in the past few weeks. This project was the original inspiration for the thumbhole sleeves I've been churning out lately. The sweater knit is the perfect underlayer fabric and works great with this detail. 
Underlayer Pattern : Field Trip Raglan by Oliver + S, with thumbhole variation
Underlayer Fabric : Sweater Knit from Joann Fabric, White Jersey Knit from Hancock Fabrics

Next up...Gretel's Knits


  1. I think you did wonders with this style!! you gotta love some grunge outfit!! great details!

    1. Thanks Sophie! He looks like he stepped right out of my high school circa 1994. :)