Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cowgirl Halloween Costume

I could pretend that I made this costume for L, but as anyone who has ever hand sewn sequins knows...I made this costume for me. When J was 2, I made him the first version of this costume, and it wasn't quite what I had envisioned. I was new to sewing, had never drafted my own anything, and the end result was respectable, but not quite right. I had some unfinished business with the cowboy/girl and I had to finish it this year. 
This vest is a modified Hansel and Gretel Vest. The chaps are self-drafted using a few basic measurements. The button down shirt is a hand me down Theo Button Up from J's outfit in Stylo 3. The boots are from eBay, the jeans from Lands End. 
The belt buckle is layers of wool felt and embroidery. I've never embroidered before (the internet taught me how) and the biggest obstacle was transferring the image. I usually use a window as a light table, but I did this well after bedtime the night before L's school party. I wish there was no shadow of the pencil I traced the image with, but the singer marking pen let me down, and I was too tired to much improvisation.
My kids have never (ever!) had a full sized candy bar, and tonight they each have two. I think that about sums up our trick or treat experience. Philadelphia is a city that is more than happy to chew you  up and spit you out, but somehow Halloween and free candy (and free wine) bring people together!

The skeleton below was made by my mother-in-law 30-ish years ago! It's aged well and J was thrilled to wear Grandmom's creepy costume (which is lucky considering how long it took to sew on all those sequins!). 
Happy Halloween!


Vest Pattern: Hansel and Gretel Vest by SweetKM
Main Fabric: Sew Classic Micro Suede from Joann
Accent Fabric: From my stash
Wool Felt: from Felt on the Fly
Chaps Pattern: Self Drafted
Button Down Shirt: Theo Button Up by Zonen 09
Boots: Old West