Saturday, July 16, 2016

Passing Showers Tee Tester Inspiration

You can get your copy of the Passing Showers Tee Knitting Pattern on:


Now that the Passing Showers Tee knitting pattern has been out in the wild for a few days, I'd like to share some pattern tester highlights. It's fun to see how other people use the exact same design in different ways. Maria used a really beautiful variegated yarn for her version. Amy used color blocked stripes for her adorable boy version. I'm excited to see these little changes to an idea that's been in my head for months, and thrilled to see the versatility others are finding in this design. Here are a few more pics for Passing Showers Tee inspiration!
By Theresa
On Instagram: teawithjamandbread
On Ravelry: Theresa-anne

By Annri.  
On Ravelry budaknits
On Instagram: woolnest.

 By Jill.
On Instagram: dandy stitch

By Kara. 
On Instagram: knitsandsews.
On Ravelry: knitsandsews.

A big fat thank you to all of the testers! I love to see the sweaters you've made, and appreciate the time you took to give this pattern extra polish!


  1. This pattern is so cute! Can you make a women's version, too? ;-)