Thursday, September 8, 2016

Mini Ogden, Mini Emerson, Mini Capsule

This kid has discovered t-shirts and shorts. She used to be a dresses only kind of girl, and the flowier the better. This summer shes figured out that shorts are so much easier to play in. Her limited selection of shorts and tees were ill fitting, mismatched hand-me-downs.

We came across this delightful t-shirt when we were at the Wetlands Institute this summer. We go to the Wetlands every year, and every year we find some new topic of mid-Atlantic coastal life to fascinate us. This year we helped some interns catch dinner for the creatures in the Wetlands aquariums. Each kid got a net, and the naturalists helped them identify whatever they caught. After that dazzling exhibition of hands-on learning I'd have to be made of stone not to buy something in the gift shop. They have a thoughtful selection of nature books, and some of the cutest t-shirts around. We couldnt resist this Wetlands tee considering L was in the market for separates. 
The Red Knot tee was designed by Chirp Kids Clothes. Its part of a 4 shirt series featuring NJ shore birds. The Red Knot is the most famous Jersey shore bird no one has ever seen. Okay, somebody has seen it, but I never have, we pass through South Jersey at different times.

We got the shirt home just as the newest Mini patterns from True Bias were being tested. With the Red Knot Tee as the inspiration, I came up with a couple of mix and match-able pieces (i.e. mini capsule wardrobe) using the new Mini Emerson Shorts, and Mini Ogden Cami
I thought this floral linen would go nicely with the colors in the tee, so I sacrificed a dress made in the spring, that I never wore out of the house, for the project. I'm generally reluctant to trash even a muslin,  but I already altered it once, and it still wasn't quite right. I had the Craft Sessions Stash Less Challenge in mind when I started seam ripping.  I managed to squeeze a cami, and a pair shorts out of the dress

The floral on floral combo is Ls favorite and the one she is most likely to choose on her own. She tucks the cami in tight and calls it her pretend jumpsuit because it looks like its all one piece. I might get a little tired of all that print, so I made a denim pair of shorts with a few scraps of Art Gallery Fabric Lightweight Denim (left over from my last Alder Shirtdress) as a more neutral/sane option.
L measured as an 8 for the shorts, and I made her an 8 exactly as written. She measured a 7 for the tank, but I sized up to an 8 so she can hopefully wear it next year too.

Both patterns are well written, well sized, and have a lot of potential for customization. I would love to lengthen the Ogden tank into a dress, and will definitely try the Emerson as cropped pants. Both patterns are a simple sew. I made the cami and denim shorts, start to finish, in one day.
If only we had another vacation planned, these pieces, plus the Mini Colfax dress from the spring, would sure make packing for a beach trip easy.


The Mini Ogden and Emerson patterns came out yesterday, check out Kelli's blog for a discount code!

Project Notes:
Tank Pattern: Mini Ogden from True Bias
Shorts Pattern: Mini Emerson Shorts/Pants from True Bias
Floral Fabric: Linen from Joann Fabric
Solid Fabric: Lightweight Denim by Art Gallery Fabrics from Fabric Worm
T-Shirt: Red Knot by Chirp Kids Clothes from The WetlandsInstitute


  1. Oh man, capsule wardrobe is a great idea! Love it all. My 8 year old decided she finally liked shorts and tees (or tanks) this summer too, I blame her cartwheel/handstand obsession. Gotta sew up some Ogdens/Emersons!

    1. These shorts are perfect for a handstand obsession! :) And really fast to make. Next time I will sew them assembly line style and knock out the entire summer wardrobe in one day.