Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Bag Making: Logan Bag Hardware & Supply Kit

The Logan Bag drawstring bucket backpack has quite the list of hardware and supplies. There is a snap front pocket,  zippered interior pocket, and eyelets along the opening. It's got a drawstring closure, and optional self made piping around the bottom. Heavy duty fusible stabilizer helps keep the shape of the base. I chose components that are easily sourced from craft shops and online suppliers, but you might not be able to find everything at one store. To make sewing your Logan Bag even easier, I've assembled a kit for one stop Logan Bag hardware and supply shopping. The components were selected with ease of installation and professional finish in mind. 

Wholecloth Patterns Logan Bag drawstring bucket backpack sewing pattern

Standard Contents: 
2 heavy duty snaps (1 extra for practice)
1 snap tool
7” zipper
10 extra large eyelets 
1 eyelet tool
10” square of stabilizer
⅜” drawstring  
01 Piping Filler Cord

Wholecloth Patterns Logan bag drawstring bucket backpack sewing pattern
Mini Contents: 
2 heavy duty snaps (1 extra for practice)
1 snap tool
5” zipper
12 large  eyelets (2 extra for practice)
1 eyelet tool
6” square of stabilizer
1/4” drawstring 
00 Piping Filler Cord

The specialty tools needed to install the snaps and eyelets are included in the kit. A few common household and sewing tools are also necessary. You will need to have a hammer to install the hardware, x-acto knife to make the eyelet openings, a cutting mat or wood block to cut and hammer on, tailor's chalk for marking the placement of the hardware, a piping foot or zipper foot to make your own piping, and a heavy duty needle (such as 110/18 or 100/16) to make sewing through many layers of heavy duty fabric possible. It's also nice, but not mandatory, to have clips for holding thick fabrics together that might be difficult with pins. 

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