Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blue Button Vest

I've had a vague notion of a spring vest floating around in my head for quite a while. Now that its out, I'm not completely happy with it. There's room across the chest for a bit more overlap, allowing for bigger buttons (and I'm a sucker for bigger buttons). I think a pop of color is in order, too. I had intended white buttons for this yarn, but liked the mismatched blue better after they were on the sweater. Now that I've got the basic shaping down, I can work out a few more details. I'm loving the shape, and L is loving the little flower button. 

Maybe it will be an autumn sweater after all. 
Finished just in time for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Hoping KCWC will the the kick in the tush I need to sew something.

1 comment:

  1. This is seriously so cute! I was just browsing your blog, looking at all the cute stuff you and your family have produced (including the kiddos!), and had to say that I really love this one. If you ever put the pattern up on Etsy, Please let me know!

    -Viki F. (Just getting started on the Indian Summer Scarf. :D )