Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kids Clothes Week - Figgy's Tee for Two

Such a modest offering to KCWC, but when I consider how long its been since I've sewn anything, I'm happy to have the motivation. This is the Tee for Two by Figgy's raglan sleeve pattern. Seems like its out of print, which is a shame, staples like this never go out of style. The fabric is the only tolerable knit fabric I could find locally. I was actually turned away from a store because I had a stroller (if you've ever shopped Philly's dwindling fabric row, you won't be shocked by this), so I didn't get the chance to shop around. This little t-shirt was so easy, my Fashion Fabrics Club cart is now brimming with knits in very color of the rainbow.

Love this pattern, seems true to size, and goes together quickly. I'm not crazy about the unfinished openings, and will probably finish them next time. The collar band is sewn on the inside then turned to the outside for topstitching, leaving another unfinished edge. I would do the opposite, for amore finished looking shirt. I would also put a tag so some sort in it. The kids will never be able to figure out which side is the front without it.

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