Monday, January 28, 2013

Sweet Heart Valentine Ornaments

We have moved far too many times for me to consider myself the kind of sewer that has a "stash." But I am scrap happy with these little hearts. After barely rummaging through a single fabric box I found pieces my mother saved from her early 80's quilting phase, torn oxford shirts, vintage ebay finds, and all the pieces of fabric I bought with big plans that never actually happened. Thirty seven mini hearts later, I realize I have quite the "stash" after all.
The simplicity of this idea makes it infinitely adaptable. I've made an advent countdown (more on that later), Christmas gift toppers and two magic wands with this pattern. I'm sure even a beginner could come up with ten more ideas before the first heart is cut out. It's numerous uses merit a formal, written down tutorial, with clear step by step instructions, FREE (heavens, what's gotten into her!?) right here for all to share.
I can see little hearts at each place at your Valentine table, or tucked into the pocket of an unsuspecting beau. So, download away. Please keep me up to date on any Sweet Heart innovations that simply must be shared with the world.

Fine Print: Please do not redistribute this pattern. You can share to your heart's content by linking directly to this post. Thanks.

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