Monday, April 28, 2014

Willow & Co. Clover Shorts

I usually take my time, considering patterns for months before buying them. I like to figure things out for myself, so I need a pretty good reason to purchase a pattern. For some reason, I saw the Clover Shorts pattern on the Willow & Co. launch day, and just bought it. The designer is Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House.
PATTERN: The Clover Shorts drew me in with it's thoughtful details. I LOVE the pockets, belt loops and pleats. This is a very classic design, that packs a lot into a small package. The PDF is well constructed, and is easy to put together. The instructions are clear and very simple. This pattern would be great for a new sewist.

FABRIC: The fabric is from the kid's Easter outfits, and the main reason I bought the pattern. My biggest hurdle to starting a project is choosing fabric. I figured I had just enough of both prints left to squeeze one more project out of them. The belt is three scraps sewn together. I saved every last shred of the Liberty floral, you will be seeing that again in some teeny tiny way. The buttons are vintage, and chosen because I had 3, and needed 3.
FIT: I made a 5 (L is 4 1/2) without even measuring. The fit is a little bunchy in the back, just above the tush. Either the hip area is too tight or the back rise is too high. I don't normally make a muslin for kids clothes, as they have minimal curves. Next time, I'll do a little tinkering with the rise before I attach the waistband.

ALTERATIONS: My only minor pattern change was that I took 1 1/4" off of each belt loop. I didn't want them to hide the pleats so much in the front. I also made the sash 2" longer than specified, to make the most of the fabric I had left.
I love the idea of the sash, but it covers the other details. When I took it off, L put it on her head. Not a bad solution. Overall, this is a good pattern, I will be making it again.

L's t-shirt is store bought, but I'm in hot pursuit of a handmade shirt to go with these shorts that won't hide the waistband details. Any pattern suggestions?

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