Tuesday, July 22, 2014

KCW Day 2 - Clover Shorts as Capri Pants

If you're wondering what kind of knucklehead makes linen pants for a 4 year old. It's me. After I attached the waistband I turned these babies right side out and realized what I had done. Linen is for retiring southern gentlemen, not kids who play on the floor. I think these are some sweet looking pants, but they just get more wrinkled as the photos go on.
You may recognize this as a Willow & Co. Clover Shorts hack. (The Clover Shorts pattern was designed by Hayley of Welcome to the Mouse House.) Making this pattern a second time reminded me how much I like it. Those few simple details (belt loops, pleats, cuffs) add a whole lot of style, and no fuss in making. I started cutting my fabric during the BBC and was finished before Radio Times. Still in my PJs, but finished.

(The t-shirt is from a few months ago, more about it HERE.)

PATTERN: More about the Clover Shorts Pattern in my pervious post. Now on to the capri part of the equation.

ALTERATIONS: I added 10 inches to the length, and tapered the crap out of them. Tapering required a bit of finessing of the original leg opening. I started the taper on the back leg pattern piece just about where the pocket opening hits that piece. For the front, I just continued the line of the outer edge, but I did taper the inner edge just a bit. I measured the 10 from the corner where the pleat lines hit the bottom edge of the pattern piece. The cuffs are 4" deep rectangles that are the same length as the circumference of the leg opening. After the seaming and the fold, it leaves about 1" of cuff showing. 
FABRIC: I used a hot-ish pink linen from Fabric.com. The pocket linings are a scrap of quilting cotton I had left over from a long ago purchase from the Hey Day Shop. The lovely little buttons are from my vintage stash. I am pleased to say that L noticed the pocket lining immediately and was thrilled. So nice when the details are appreciated.
I'm just going to overlook the problems with linen at preschool, cause I think these pants are pretty sharp. 

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  1. I like how linen looks a little wrinkled! That's how you know what you are looking at, right? the color and design are great.

    1. Good point Virginia! The wrinkles are how you know it's the real deal.