Monday, August 18, 2014

Oliver & S Field Trip Raglan

This guy needed some new t-shirts that didn't broadcast our participation in the local rec. center's athletic season du jour. He has out grown my beloved Tee Time For Two raglan pattern that fit his skinny little torso so perfectly, so I had to buy a bigger pattern. I've sewn enough of the  FREE! Sunny Day Shorts that its about time I bought something from Oliver + S. O + S is always a sure thing, and perfect for a project I wanted to finish in a hurry with no hang ups. I made these two tees in a couple of hours from knit that I had on hand.

PATTERN: This is the Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan, available as a single or with the Field Trip Pants.  The pattern has easy to follow instructions, a few extra helpful tidbits, and the characteristic Oliver + S dependability. 
FABRIC: The light gray is Kaufman Laguna Stretch Jersey Knit. The yellow is cotton/lycra but they seem to be sold out, here is a similar fabric. I got the lycra blend (10% lycra) for increased stretch recovery, both of my kids stretch their shirts out over their knees (maddening!). The Laguna (5% lycra) actually has a decent recovery, and its it SO soft.  I don't remember where I got the dark gray, but I bought it to make a Lady Skater and never used it. This knit is so cozy, that Lady Skater just got bumped up a few notches on my must sew list for fall. 

FIT: I made a size 8 (J is 7) so they would fit for a while. The Field Trip fit is a bit conservative for my tastes. I preferred the super slim fit of the Figgy's Tee Time For Two (now out of print). The Field Trip Raglan has a ton more ease through the body, which is just fine, but not as much of a svelt style statement. 

ALTERATIONS: I shortened the sleeves, and I added a Henley button placket to one of the t-shirts. Its an attempt to jazz up a snooze of a t-shirt and build some skillzzzz. I used this great tutorial by Staying Steyn. I totally fudged the collar where it meets the edge of the placket, not my best work, but close enough. Note to self for next time, face the button placket. Seems obvious, but I didn't think of it until my sewing machine was eating fabric for the button holes. (argh! shakes fist at sewing machine.)
Don't let J's grouchy looks fool you, the yellow tee and yellow piped shorts combo is his new favorite outfit. I don't blame him, this knit is snuggly soft. 

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