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Hinterland Dress & Anna Vest

Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress Karen Templer Anna Vest Knitting Sewing Sweetkm

The linen Hinterland Dress (pattern by Sew Liberated) and wool Anna Vest (pattern by Karen Templer). They are the perfect combination of disciplines, fibers, and seasons. And possibly, the ideal way to ease back into the sewing circle.

I'm torn between making excuses for my absence and jumping back in as if nothing ever happened. I've got nothing to say for myself, so I'm going with the latter. I'm looking for an illusive balance, and I should know better. Life leaves me with digital homework to oversee more often than it does leisurely afternoons to search out fall's last flowers. I'm happy to have come back to needing this space. The planning, making, documenting, and sharing process always makes my thoughts feel extra tidy. A calm place in a head full of chaos. 

SweetKM Hinterland Dress Sewing Pattern Sew Liberated

SweetKM Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress Sewing Pattern

The Hinterland Dress pattern by Sew Liberated. I went back to the ol' record books to see when I conceived of this dress. It was long enough ago that by the time I had made a bodice muslin I had to size it up so it would work as maternity wear. But then I was pregnant and would rather nap than look nice, or finish a sewing project. My initial idea was to make a piece that could transition from pregnancy, to nursing, to the rest of my life. I got the last part right, so I'm gonna go ahead and call it a wardrobe success. 

I never wore this when I was pregnant because it made me feel like a parade float. Really, when 8 months pregnant in July, most anything gives you that Snoopy-on-34th-Street feeling. I finished all the raw edges separately to facilitate alterations as my body changed, or to size it back down postpartum. Now I like the extra easy volume. I altered the Hinterland to eliminate the button placket for a pull on style dress. I'm sure this is a tutorial somewhere, but I don't have the patience to find it. 

The European Linen Striped Shirting from I bought this fabric in April of 2019, and naturally it isn't available any more. This olive green is similarly subdued, or this check equally understated. I love the weight and drape of the European Linens. They're supple and tremble like they have a mind of their own. 

SweetKM Karen Templer Anna Vest Knitting Pattern Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
Sweetkm Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Karen Templer Anna Vest Knitting Pattern

The Anna Vest by Karen Templer. The vintage styling makes this a timeless piece that will mature well. The diminutive size makes it a timely piece that knits up quickly. The finishing, well...not so much. This pattern offers the choice of picking up the button band or sewing on a separate piece. I like the clear delineation and solid structure of the separate button band. My top button is a few rows north of where it ought to be, but I'll not hold it against the vest or the knitter. 

The Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Barn Owl. The sophisticated neutrals of Shelter (and BT in general) can't be beat. The simple variations in color adds dimension to this simple stitch pattern. The Barn Owl color is retired, but Wood Smoke would be a good substitute. 

SweetKM Karen Templer Anna Vest Sew Liberated Hinterland Dress

Despite its long shelf life, this is not my oldest WIP. Hopefully we'll get to that one before the year is out. In the meantime I'll be over on Instagram trying to figure out what everyone's been up to. Please stop by and catch up.


Dress Sewing Pattern: Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated

Dress Fabric: 100% European Striped Linen (similar) from

Vest Knitting Pattern: Anna Vest by Karen Templer

Vest Yarn: Shelter in Barn Owl by Brooklyn Tweed

Knitter's Notes: My Anna Vest knitter's notes on Ravelry links are affiliate links. Thought are my own.

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