Thursday, December 10, 2020

Wiksten Haori with RK Taos Flannel Lining


Wiksten Haori Black Linen RK Taos Flannel Sierra Stripe
Wiksten Haori Black Linen RK Taos Flannel Sierra Stripe
The Wiksten Haori from Wiksten. I have several jackets of this style (okay, 4!), and one other from this pattern. I wear them often but was feeling a gap in the mid-weight jacket wardrobe category.  The boxy cut and long length fits over the baby carrier and bulky layers, and draws attention away from the fact that I'm wearing the same leggings as yesterday. Sometimes I just wear it around the house because I love the pockets. Make a Haori, and you'll never wonder where you put your phone again. 
RK Taos Linen Sierra Stripe Wiksten Haori SweetKM

The European 100% Washed Linen from*. The fabric is the highlight of this garment. Black linen is a beautiful basic. I like to think the fluid drape and natural fibers can compete with a nice dress or elevate the rattiest t-shirt.  This linen is one of my sure thing basics. It's a great weight for a jackets or pants, it's opaque, and washes well. I have some self-drafted shorts in Fig (blogged here), and made another pair in this black with leftovers. 

The RK Taos Flannel in Sierra Stripe from*. When I hesitantly chose this lining fabric I had cooler weather in mind. I knew a long length Haori would see the most wear in the spring and fall months when I wanted extra warmth. However, I had a few reservations about a linen jacket for cold weather, and lining linen with flannel. It seems like a contradiction, an oxymoron, a possibly inexcusable fashion dichotomy. But I just had to have this fabric. I love the whole line of Taos yarn dyed prints. Luckily, this is a case where two nice things are even nicer together. 

I've been wearing this jacket a lot in the past few weeks. Even jeans and a tee are dressed up for me lately. I normally throw this on over workout clothes when I do neighborhood errands. I would like to add some sort of front closure for the cold days in Philadelphia. I like that I can continue to alter this garment to be whatever I want.

SweetKM Wiksten Haori RK Taos Flannel


Jacket Pattern: Wiksten Haori sewing pattern by Wiksten

Jacket Main Fabric: European 100% Washed Linen in Black from*

Jacket Lining: RK Taos Flannel in Sierra Stripe from*

*The links are affiliate links. The thoughts are my own.


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  2. Haori jackets are traditional Japanese garments that are typically worn over kimono. They are usually made from silk or other fine materials, and are often brightly colored or decorated with intricate patterns. Haori jackets can be worn by both men and women, and are typically fastened with a sash or belt.