Friday, May 6, 2022

Cropped Paola Workwear Jacket

My first new make for Me Made May is the the Paola Workwear Jacket, the sewing pattern is by Fabrics Store. It's made with mid-weight canvas from Black Bird Fabrics. It's such a solid pattern and fabric combination, it was hard to limit myself to just one. 

The Pattern: The Paola Workwear Jacket by Fabrics Store is a basic chore coat with a button front and 4 patch pockets on the front. The front and neck opening has a facing. It's a basic, well drafted jacket pattern. I didn't love that the instructions are on the Fabric Store blog, and the pattern is in a pdf that can only be opened in Acrobat (not what I normally use). And, I couldn't find the specified button size anywhere, but that is just as likely because I'm a skimmer not a reader (I used 3/4" buttons). All that aside, the pattern is free, and meant to draw sewists into the beautiful linen selection carried by the Fabrics Store. I was willingly drawn. I had never heard of this shop, but have now drooled over every drapey linen listing. 

Modifications: I sewed a size 8/10 based on my measurements, and it is plenty roomie. I shortened the body by 4", and the sleeves by 1". I had grand plans to make a yoked back with a gather in the center back (similar to this), but late nights and cascading decisions like how to join the specified front facing with a back yoke (instead of back facing) lead me to simplify my modifications to just a center back seam. I added a seam allowance to the center line of the back piece and cut it as 2 pieces, rather can cutting it on the fold. The fabric is pretty light weight for a jacket and I wanted more seaming to give it a bit more structure. I also changed the pockets. I love the length/pockets as written, but it wasn't what I was looking for this time. Particularly on the shorter length the top opening of the patch pockets would have been useless. I made my own pocket shape, with the a slanted opening. 

The Fabric: This is 8.5 oz canvas in Walnut from Blackbird Fabrics. It's sold out now, but I'm crossing my fingers for a restock because I. Am. Obsessed! I swear my heart skips a beat every time our eyes lock across the room. It's got the perfect rumple, a fine texture, and a crisp drape. But, it's really the color that gets me. It's called Walnut, and it might me my favorite color ever. It's bright, without too much richness. It's so hard to get neutrals just right, but this one is. I actually intended it for full length, wide leg pants. I still think it would be great for that, but the jacket jumped the line. 

The Outfit: My family took a spring time, spring break trip to preview spring weather in New Orleans over Easter. I knew I would need a light layer, and that this color and style would work with a few of the outfits I packed. This dress was one of them. It's the Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated. I don't often wear dresses, but if I do it's this one. It works with Tevas, or sneakers, or pointy little black flats. And dresses up or down easily. Linen might not be your first thought for stuffing into a suitcase, but wrinkles don't bother me. The scarf is a little scrap project that has earned it's place as a favorite accessory and pop of print with many outfits. It's a 21" square finished, I ironed a 3/16" hem around the edges than hemmed it by hand. 

And, the socks. I admit when I first showed this socks and clogs combo it was purely academic. Since then I've actually worn them this way outside the house. I can't quite put my finger on why, but it just works for me. These are my first pair of Penny Socks by Petit Knit. I love the simple structure of this design. I'm working on my third pair. 

Fabric - 8.5 oz washed cotton canvas in walnut from Blackbird Fabrics

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  1. I’m just about to make this jacket and I love your modifications! I’m going to try to copy them. I’m upcycling a beautiful rose coloured pair of cotton ikea curtains