Thursday, May 4, 2023

3 Ways to Wear the Tauko Magazine Aurora Wrap Dress


Tauko Mazine Issue No. 7 is out now. This is the Aurora Wrap Dress sewing pattern designed by Abby Huston (@abby_sews). I was given my choice of an advanced copy of one of the 12 designs in issue 7.  I jumped at the chance to sew the Aurora because I knew it would be versatile in any season. 

The Aurora is an apron style wrap dress that overlaps in the back and the strings wrap around the waist to tie in the front or back. There is a bust dart, thin shoulder straps, and front patch pockets. The flexible fit of the wrap style allows you to wear most any layer under the dress from tanks to tees to button up shirts. The apron front is full coverage allowing you to wear it on its own as a sundress. 

I'm wearing the Aurora with a Fibre Mood Norma Blouse here. I love the puffed sleeves with this silhouette. The fabric of the blouse is very thing and semi sheer. I usually wear it with a cami underneath, but the apron front serves the same purpose. 

I can't remember what size I sewed and have already managed to misplace the pattern pieces. But I do remember that I used the darts for the next size down. It's a pretty easy style to paper fit the darts before you cut the fabric. And by that I mean, hold the pattern piece up to your body and compare the darts to your actual bust. I ended up shortening the straps a few inches (a very easy alteration) to get the darts at the proper height. Next time I would lower the waist tie (might still lower it on this dress) and the pockets about 1" to compensate for raising the bodice a bit. My only major alteration was to add a good 6" to the length. The original design hits at about knee length. There was one small error in the length of the back facing, it was easy to fix on my own, but check the errata on the website for guideance.

This design has full coverage in the front so you can wear it as a stand alone sundress. The minimalist styling adds to the carefree summer scenario playing out in my head. I imagine throwing this on after the beach or pool so we can have a drink or run some errands on the walk home. Or, tossing a few beers into these enormous pockets to sip while we bbq out back. 

The fabric is a lightweight cotton blend from my stash. It's fine, and seemed like it would have a decent drape, but it's a bit more stiff than I envisioned. A midweight linen would be perfect for this style. Something with a bit of texture for interest, and a little swish when you walk. 

When I first put this dress on, I had that put on an apron and get stuff done feeling. This is a more practical everyday outfit for groceries, school pick up, and getting stuff done. I'm wearing the Aurora with Penny Socks, and a new Rio Ringer Tee (pattern from True Bias). 

You can order Issue 7 of Tauko Magazine from their website, or find a list of brick and mortar stockiest. The magazine comes with with large format printed pattern sheets. If you order online you also have the choice of adding digital copies of the pattern pieces. I received my copy of this pattern for free, but my thoughts are sincere.

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