Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Learn to Sew a Wholecloth Project Bag with the Sewalong Video Sewing Tutorial

Are you sewing a Wholecloth Project Bag? You've come to the right place. Below you'll find video tutorials for the Wholecloth Project Bag Sewalong, were I'll teach you how to sew a bento bag with clear video instructions. The sewalong is broken up into 3 easy to follow sections. The first is a short overview to familiarize yourself with the design and plan your bag. The second tackles the pdf sewing pattern pieces. I'll walk you through the process of turning the digital pdf file into a physical pattern, and cutting out the fabric. The third is sewing the actual bag. Each video section includes a list of related links to any noteworthy tools or fabrics. This is a quick sew, and beginner friendly project. The videos will make it accessible to even more sewists. You'll have a set of all 4 sizes by sun down (or sun up depending on what kind of sewist you are!).

Thanks to everyone who followed along with the Wholecloth Project Bag sewalong through the newsletter. I appreciate your attention at this bonkers time of year! If you're sewing a Wholecloth Project bag please use the hashtags to share your work. I would love to see what you make! If you'd like first notice of future Wholecloth Patterns sewalongs and new pattern releases join the email list.  

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Day 1:  pattern overview, size comparison and fabric recommendations

Notes on Fabric:
You can use just about any woven fabric to make a Wholecloth Project Bag. I go over a few of my favorites in the video, but don't limit yourself to my picks. This quick project is great for experimentation. A crisp new yard and a half (1.5 meters) of 43in/109cm wide fabric will make a whole set of bags. Don't prewash it, you'll need the full width for the extra large bag, and won't want to loose any to shrinkage. A few of the fabrics I said were Essex Linen in the video are cotton/linen Andover Fabrics. This is a very similar fabric and great for bags. 

Day 1 Video Links:


Day 2: print and assemble the pdf, trace the size we'll make, draft our own pattern and cut the fabric
Notes of Tools:
You'll need a few basic household tools to assemble the pdf. I like to cut the margins from the pdf with plain old scissors and assemble it with plain old tape. I always trace the size I'm going to make (rather than cut the print out) onto architectural tracing paper. It's durable, easy to pin, and inexpensive. The only down side is that you can't iron it. I also used it to draft the pattern in the video. A see-thru ruler is handy when tracing or drafting the pattern. 

Notes on Drafting Instructions:
Most versions of the pattern include a chart and diagram with the dimensions to draft your own pattern on page 2. If your pattern does not have them I would be happy to send you an updated version. Please send an email to and include the Etsy username you used to purchase the pattern. All other information is the same. The drafted sizes are the same as the printed pattern pieces. 

Day 2 Video Links:


Day 3: We'll sew a Wholecloth Project Bag from start to finish!

Day 3 Video Links:

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