Friday, January 24, 2014

Conversation Heart Class Valentine

Valentine's is one of my very favorite holidays. Coming up with a sweet little, heart shaped, tidbit is my favorite kind and size of project. But this year, I was coming up empty. Approximately, two days after giving myself permission to give store bought Valentines, after I had already started perusing the candy coated sadness in the big box Valentine aisle, the idea for Conversation Heart Valentine Badges struck me like a bolt from the blue. Simple, modern, without refined sugars or proprietary cartoon characters. Adorned with a heart and the most benign friendship sayings I could think of in my hurry to see results. Fitting for any little boy or girl, to give to any little boy or girl, loaded only with affectionate friendship appropriate for a 6 year old.
Of course, I've made enough to share. Get your's in the shop.

More easy kid's Valentine ideas:

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